Research with passion. We are a team of dedicated scientists and economists who have made it their goal to demonstrably improve people’s quality of life with every product we develop.

Dr. Tobias Meller
Dr. Tobias MellerChief Executive Officer
After completing his doctorate in technical chemistry, Tobias Meller worked as a development engineer in large-scale chemical industry. As co-founder of TINY Technologies, it is his task to realize our technological vision.
Dr. Sung-Min Pyo
Dr. Sung-Min PyoChief Technology Officer
As a passionate pharmacist and innovative scientist in the field of drug delivery and formulation development, Sung Min has made it her mission to put her expertise, skills and creativity at the service of significantly improving patients’ quality of life. As co-founder, she is responsible for our research and research collaborations.
Tobias Münnich
Tobias MünnichChief Commercial Officer
Tobias Münnich has many years of experience in national and international sales. His focus is on pharmaceutical preparations and dietary supplements. As co-founder of TINY Technologies, he takes responsibility for the development of strategic partnerships and operational business developments.
Tobias Koch
Tobias KochChief Production and Engineering Officer
After his master’s course in Mechanical Engineering, Tobias worked many years as head of production and managed the bulk manufacturing division in the pharmaceutical industry. At TINY Technologies Tobias is responsible for the organization and development of production to maximize our product quality.

Advisory Board

Patrick Pehmöller
Patrick PehmöllerBusiness Angel
Since 2011, Patrick Pehmöller has founded six Tech-Startups himself and participated in several others as a business angel. Patrick acts as an interface for interdisciplinary issues and investor relations.
Dr. Massimiliano Pio di Cagno
Dr. Massimiliano Pio di CagnoAcademic Advisor R&D
Dr. di Cagno works as an associate professor in pharmacy at the University of Oslo (Norway). His research focus is in physical pharmacy, where he has decided expertise in the development of pharmaceutical preformulations. In particular, he focuses on the correlation of in vitro/in silico methods to predict the in vivo behavior of drugs and pharmaceutical formulations.
Prof. Dr. mult. Markus Depfenhart, LL.M.
Prof. Dr. mult. Markus Depfenhart, LL.M.Advisor R&D

Internationally renowed scientist and plastic surgeon with a focus on synthet. biology, peptide and protein design, Nucleotide based vaccines, minimally invasive aesthetic medicine and skincare.