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Conventional products are hardly absorbed by the body.

TINYsphere® guarantees much better and faster recording

Developed in cooperation with German universities

Proven in clinical studies


Womit können wir Sie unterstützen?

Verstärkt durch eine für sie maßgeschneiderte TINYsphere® Technologie gelangen wertvolle, aktive Inhaltsstoffe im Körper blitzschnell ans Ziel – statt in den Abfluss. Erfahren Sie hier, wie Sie Ihre Produkte schneller, stärker und effizienter machen.


Sie sind bereits mit etablierten Produkten erfolgreich im Markt. Ständig suchen Sie den nächsten Wettbewerbsvorteil …

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Sie gründen gerade eine Nahrungsergänzungsmittel-Marke und brauchen nun einzigartige Produkte, um von Beginn an …

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Sie haben ein Konzept für eine Marktneuheit und suchen eine Lösung, um daraus ein bahnbrechendes Produkt zu generieren …

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Bestsellers & Novelties

Welcome to the TINY product world of the highest bioavailability: here you will find formulations for better sleep, vitamins, vitamin combinations, plant extracts, cannabinoids and cannabis substitutes.

TINY Melatonin

The world’s highest bioavailable melatonin liquid with medical study proving 3X faster and 2X stronger absorption into the bloodstream …

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TINY Vitamin C

Justly renowned for its immune protection, the active ingredient in the innovative, world’s most concentrated liposomal form …

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Select plant extracts known for their importance in women’s health from time immemorial with greatly increased bioavailability through TINYsphere® technology …

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How we strengthen your business

White Label

Our product portfolio includes a wealth of products whose bioavailability …

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Private Label

Beyond the already significant TINY competitive advantage, …

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Research Cooperation

We live science: Together with you, we develop based …

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The TINYsphere ® technology can also be used under license …

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How science works for you

In the evolution of active ingredient delivery systems, the technologies available on our TINYsphere® platform are the most powerful methods currently available to reach targets in the body as quickly and efficiently as possible: Your edge through science.


Uptake: ~ 5% of the active ingredients

Bioavailability: very poor

Durability: long

Taste: neutral, because encapsulated


Uptake: ~ 10% of the active ingredients

Bioavailability: better, since dissolved in the oil

Shelf life: about 24 months

Taste: neutral to unpleasant


Uptake: ~ 80% of the active ingredients

Bioavailability: maximum, thanks to tiny particles

Shelf life: 24 months at room temperature

Taste: good to very good

About us

We are TINY

TINY Technologies is an innovative research and manufacturing company for the supplement, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Our vision is to realize the full potential of each compound by using science and data to improve health.

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We are constantly looking for talent with the right skills, purpose and mindset to help people achieve health and well-being more efficiently and sustainably with products of superior bioavailability. At TINY, we are fully digitalized, but we still maintain personal contact, which is what makes intensive mutual exchange, in-depth knowledge transfer and refreshing fun possible in the first place.