TINY’s high capacity Delivery System for fat soluble ingredients.


  • Particle size: 20-70 nm
  • Product form: Liquid

  • Application form: Sublingual

  • Markets: Food supplements, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals
  • System ingredients: glycerin, water, ethanol, lecithin (soy), vegetable oil.

  • Active ingredients: fat soluble substances


  • Innovative emulsion technology (patent pending)

  • Significantly increased bioavailability

  • Water soluble in any mixing ratio

  • High loading capacity for fat soluble ingredients

  • Exclusively natural ingredients

  • Detectable in blood plasma after only a few minutes

  • Reduced risk of side effects due to lower active ingredient requirement

  • Low costs for high effectiveness

  • Scientifically proven

With TINYsphere, TINY Technologies has succeeded in creating the first all-natural, lipid-based transport system of its kind. The TINYsphere technology is a nanoscale oil in water emulsion designed to maximize the bioavailability of fat soluble ingredients. With the combination of formulation and process technology, we can create stable oil droplets capable of delivering target substances to the human systemic circulation faster and in significantly larger quantities. The small size makes the system completely water soluble and transparent. TINYsphere offers the advantage of having a large oil phase. This allows the system to be flexibly adapted to the active ingredients to be transported by varying the amount and type of carrier oil. This results in the optimal product according to individual customer requirements.

Lipid particles in TINYsphere

Schematic representation of a lipid particle in TINYsome.

Schematic representation of a lipid particle in TINYsphere.

Cryo-TEM images

Schematic representation of a lipid particle in TINYsome.

Cryo-TEM images from TINYsphere. The dark circles represent the oil droplets with the fat soluble ingredients.

Measurements performed by Dr. Zdravko Kochovski, Helmholtz Center for Materials and Energy HZB, Berlin